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At the present time, Scrollcrafter's is primarily in the business of producing scroll saw art. All patterns on this website are copyrighted material and are the work of myself or artists such as the late Patrick Spielman. These patterns are made viewable for potential art buyers, not those in the business of creating such art. Every effort will be made to restrict these images to our viewing audience while limiting the possibility of simply copying the images.

All scroll saw art produced by ScrollCrafters is hand-made in the United States. This process results in each piece being slightly different than the next even though the same pattern is used. Contrary to laser cut or other automated processes that result in assembly-line, mass-produced cookie cutter work. The process of creating hand-made scroll saw art is detailed elsewhere on this site.


 I hope you'll explore this site and find something of interest. Comments and suggestions are always welcome as a fresh perspective. I'm developing my own patterns, too, and these may be offered for sale. I'm also looking into partnering with fellow designers to offer their patterns for sale. So check back often.

I take a lot of pride in my scroll sawing. If it's not fit for my wall it's not fit for anyone elses! I'm also very choosey regarding which patterns I'm willing to spend time transforming into scroll saw art. There are tons of patterns available but I don';t find them all appealing. I've only so much time so I have to choose wisely.


 Some of what you'll find here...



3D Toothpick Holder Patterns...Monogram Keepsake boxes...
Picture Frame mats...
And, of course, some free stuff 
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