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Silhouettes In Wood
Important! Please READ:
Creating a pattern from a photo can take many hours. It must be fine tuned such that it can be used to produce a wood cutting that should balance stability of the final cutting and the level of detail necessary to be able to identify the individual portrayed. The more detail in the pattern, the longer it will take to cut and the more difficult to produce the cutting. Once the pattern is finalized it cannot be used for any other purpose. Meaning that it is essentially a throw-away item after the project is completed. The cost and time spent in producing the pattern cannot be spread out by multiple cuttings.
The wood cutting itself presents the same issue of representing a one-of-a-kind item. Scrollsawers generally make their profit by making multiple cuttings of a pattern for sale to many different buyers. That obviously is not an option with a silhouette of a family member. It's generally the same old concept of supply and demand. The more copies of widgets that a manufacturer can produce (and therefore sell), the lower the asking price of consumers. Conversely, the smaller number of widgets produced, the higher the selling price. 
There are generally two phases to a sihouette project: Pattern creation and  Crafting the pattern into wood.
  1. Pattern preparation cost is $35.00 for a single subject (person, animal or thing). Add $10 for each additional subject. This fee is non-refundable. Once the customer has been informed that the submitted photo can be transformed, this fee must be submitted before this phase of the project can begin.
  2. Photo scanning, if needed, is an additional $5.00 charge if I have to have it done professionally. If my scanner is working, there is scanning fee. Photos are returned with the final product. If the project is abandoned, the photo(s) are returned by postal mail if return postage was provided.
  3. Silhoutte production (i.e., crafting the silhoutte in wood) cost varies by subject, the amount of detail desired, when needed and the size of the final product. A rough estimate can be provided once the pattern is created. However, prices generally start at around $75 for an 8"x10" cutting of a single subject with a moderate level of detail. A second cutting of the same pattern will be offered at a reduced cost (generally around 60% of the single cutting price). A 50% down payment (of the production cost) is required once the customer accepts the pattern and agrees to commence with the project.
  4. The final product includes a frame and optional matting. The customer can request no frame which will be factored into the final cost.
Process Outline
  1. Send a photo which MUST be a high quality image. A digital image is preferred with a least a 300 dpi resolution. Try to send more than one photo (in different poses, of course) so that the best image can be used to create the pattern.
  2. The photo is assessed for suitability in creating a silhoutte. If unsuitable, another image is requested. If none is forthcoming, the project is cancelled. The buyer will be informed either way. However, if I feel a suitable patten can be created, the buyer must submit payment before this phase of the project can begin.
  3. With a suitable photo, it is converted to a black and white silhoutte. Background images detract from the final product and are generally edited out unless they bear significance to the image. For example a photo is taken with the Eiffle Tower in the background and the tower is desired in the final product. I will do my best to leave a rendition of the tower in the silhoutte.
  4. The resulting silhoutte is submitted to the customer for approval. Once approved, the silhoutte is not reworked unless I find extremely weak or fragile areas that would inhibit crafting the final product. (Hopefully I will find these before requesting approval. Any necessary changes to an approved silhoutte will be co-ordinated with the customer for approval. Note that, as stated above, the more detail required, the higher the final cost.
  5. With the silhoutte finalized, a rough cost estimate will be provided.
  6. With consenual agreement of cost, a 50% down payment will get the cutting started,
  7. The customer is not obligated to have me produce the final product.
  8. Once the cutting is complete, a high resolution image is provided to the customer to signify I have completed their project. Project balance is required before the item is shipped.