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  Wood Picture Frame Mats.


Our Wooden Mats are all hand cut using a scroll saw. Since these mats are cut with a saw blade, there are no ugly burn marks on the cut edges as you’ll see with mass-produced laser-cut pieces. [Which, BTW, laser cuttings are NOT hand-made. Laser cutting is done like an assembly line: chunk in a piece of wood, call up a pattern on the computer and hit the GO button (or whatever button they use). No cutting talent is required! Also, some of the thinner lines are just burn marks, not actually cut all the way through the wood. In scroll sawing, this is called veining; in laser-cutting it’s just burning more wood!]
Mats are sized to fit inside standard picture frames just like the cardboard mat material. Available portrait and landscape mat sizes are 5”x7”, 8”x10”, 11”x14”, 12”x16”. The listing below is just a sample of what can be made just for you. Mats are made from 1/8” plywood for strength and stability. The cut-out for the picture is generally about an inch shorter (height and width) than the picture frame. For example, the 5”x7” mat can display a photo as small 4”x6”.
The samples below are just some of the more traditional lettering such as “Baby”. We can also make available custom lettering such as “Charlie”, “Gramps”, “Our Team”, “Blessed Event”, etc. The number of letters allowed is dictated by the size and orientation of the mat. Too many letters makes for a small visual impact besides being more difficult to cut. If you have concerns about the number of letters (a lot depends upon the letters, themselves) in the name to be used, please use the Contact Form prior to ordering. If you need a custom mat for a special event, please make sure to order early so your mat can be scheduled to be cut in time. Use the Contact Form to submit your request.
All mats are cut using 3-ply Baltic Birch plywood stained to match the frame and include an oak frame (depends upon availability)  with either glass or acrylic glazing (depends upon what I have in stock). Different materials can be requested but may delay completing your order and may incur additional cost. You’re the customer and I aim to please! [Note: Frames may not be exactly as shown due to orders and available supplies.]
These frame mats make great gifts that are sure to be appreciated for many years. Pricing does not include shipping/handling.
How To Order:
Click the "Buy Now" button for your choice and you'll be redirected to PayPal. If you need to convey additional information (e.g., Need this order in 3 weeks) please use the Contact Us page form, identify yourself and the order and provide the additional information. Shipping/handling charges will be added at the PayPal site. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. At the PayPal payment screen you can opt to pay by one of several credit cards




Baby - wood frame mat 5"x7"

 Item: PF07007

Friends - wood frame mat 5"x7"


 Item: 08009

Honeymoon - wood frame mat 5"x7" 


Item: PF06006

Soccer - wood frame mat 5"x7"

Item: PF10004 

No. 1 Mom - wood frame mat 5"x7"

Item: PF10007

I Heart My Dog - wood frame mat 5"x7"


Item: PF11009

Easy Rider - wood frame mat 5"x7"




Hero - wood frame mat 5"x7"

Item: PF2000

Custom Wording - Portrait 5"X7" Frame & Mat

Price: $16.95 USD


Enter Name for Lettering:





Item: PF2001

Custom Wording - Landscape 5"X7" Frame & Mat

Price: $16.95 USD

Enter Name for Lettering:


Item: PF2003

Custom Wording - Portrait 5"X7" Mat, only

Price: $10.50 USD 

Enter Name for Lettering:


Item: PF2004

Custom Wording - Landscape 5"X7" Mat, only

Price: $10.50 USD

Enter Name for Lettering: