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Ordering Info:
Be advised that most fretwork products are crafted on a first-ordered-first-completed basis after an order is placed. In other words, I have little to no 'inventory' of items. So, how quickly I can ship a purchase depends heavily upon my schedule. If you wish to know when an item can be shipped before initiating a purchase, please use the Contact Us form. Be sure to fully identify the item. If the item is needed by a specific date, please include the need date. If a rush-order is needed and my schedule is full, I may have to charge extra to take time off from my day-job (the one that pays all the bills) to work in the shop.
Patterns for sale (links at the bottom of the page): 
I do not check email every day and email is the method Paypal will use to alert me that a purchase has been made.  So there will likely be a delay from the time you make a purchase and when I access email. There will definitely be a delay between the time of your purchase and when Paypal has credited my account with the funds. So please do not expect instant gratification in the form of a receipt notification or instantly receiving the purchased pattern in your InBox.
Be aware that I can sell you a pattern for some of the crafted items shown on this site. These are high quality, full-size patterns complete with assembly instructions where needed and protected by copyright laws. Some patterns can only be provided as a hard copy and will be postal mailed. My licensing agreement on these selectpatterns prohibits me from selling/advertizing them on the Internet. So if you see an item that interests you and you would like to purchase the pattern, email me or use the Contact Us form for a price quote. If the pattern is not for sale by myself I can probably tell you where it can be purchased.
Pattern Info

Patterns are supplied either electroncially by email or by the U.S. Postal Service (United States and Canada, only). The preferred shipping method is email which does not incur shipping/handling charges.

The three (3) right-most digits of the Pattern Item number tell you approximately how many interior cuts make up a pattern. This will give you a rough idea of the complexity level of each pattern. Example: WL1088 is a wild life pattern with approximately 88 interior cuts.

Patterns are, unless specified differently, full size (e.g., 8"x10") at 72 dpi in a black/white format. (For novices, the black area is what you cut out.) Some images may have a gray area with a thin black border line that some find easier to cut. This depends upon the style of the pattern designer and, sometimes, the pattern itself.

Electronic patterns are generally less than 200Kbytes. The purchaser can elect to receive either a JPEG or GIF format or a PDF format (Adobe Reader required). If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer...
get it here... 

Patterns provided as hard copy via the U.S. Postal Service are printed on standard 8.5"x11" white 20lb copy paper. A laser printer is used for printed output so you don't have to worry about smudging ink. Patterns are mailed unfolded in a suitable mailer at additional cost. If you elect for postal mail, click the following Donate button to cover $1.50 for S/H of your order.

Pattern license agreement

Pattern designers can spend many, many hours in perfecting a pattern. Their work deserves respect and reasonable compensation from others desiring to create art from those patterns. Illegal usage is upsetting as well as costly and may result in designers pulling patterns from public use.

Patterns remain the sole property of the designer. Pattern buyers agree to the following terms of use:

Pattern usage to produce scroll saw art is restricted to hand-made processes. Absolutely NO laser-cutting or other automated processes may be used.
A  single pattern purchase may be used to create a maximum of 200 finished art pieces.
Patterns may not be reproduced , in whole or in part (except for the buyers own use), distributed, sold, nor transferred to or shared with other parties.
Patterns may not be merged with other patterns for the sole purpose of selling the resulting pattern. Creating an art piece from said 'merged' pattern is perfectly acceptable.