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The images on this page are projects I have in the works. Some of the are nearly complete or complete. Others have fallen by the wayside as I explore other ideas. I post them for feedback from visitors and perhaps some may be interested in the project patterns or a finished piece.

 The Clock at Christmas Inn


This is a 1:12 scale reproduction of an actual clock at the Christmas Inn located in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. The hotels clock is about 25 feet tall (yes, I said feet) and chimes on the hour up to about 10:00 PM. The base of the clock rests on a fireplace mantle supported by four vertical supports. I've divided the clock into four sections: Mantle, Bell Tower, Clock Tower and Top Tower.


The design is derived from my own photos taken while my wife and I have stayed there. Translating the photos has taken consideral time and effort. But there are a few details that I haven't been able to work out or am unsure of.


For example, the Bell Tower that sits upon the Mantle has a large brass bell in its center and an elf on either side. I may be able to find a brass bell of the correct size but coming up with the elfs has been problematic. At this point I'm thinking of simply cutting out the outline of an elf in 1/2" thick wood and hand painting them. I'd prefer a 3D small statue but have not been able to locate one.


Also, the Top Tower, as you can perhaps see, has a door. The real clock has Santa standing in the opening. So, once again I have an elf problem!


The Mantle supports have decorative details much like the raised sides of cabinets. I'm not sure how to best replicate that detail, either. I've a router but not very good at using it.


That said, I've got a complete, workable (I hope) pattern set for construction. Now I have to find time to make some sawdust!


The is my first attempt at designing a scrollsaw basket. It's approximately 10"x6".I got all the patterns complete but no instructions yet. As you can see, there are 6 different designs for the upper 'ring'.







3D Hell Raiser (Lemarchand box) Jigsaw Puzzle


Here's an interesting twist on standard jigsaw puzzles. The top-most image shows the puzzle fully assembled. The image is not very clear but hopefully you can see there are images on all shown sides.


This is not just one puzzle! As you can see from the next 6 set of images, it is comprized of 12 individual puzzles. In order to establist the desired cube dimensions, the 6 patterns are repeated twice resulting in 12 puzzles. The next to last image shows an exploded view of one of the twelve which has about 20 individual pieces.


So the entire puzzle is about 200+ pieces (I've not actually counted all the pieces). But there are a few twists in assembling this puzzle to make it more challenging.


Twist #1. You obviously cannot see the back of the 12 individual puzzles. However, if you were to flip one over, Surprize! The image on the 'front' is also on the 'back'! This, coupled with the pattern design itself, adds a little extra confusion to assembly.


Twist #2: The bottom two images are a shot of the sides of two of the individual puzzles.Every side of each puzzle has an image that when fully assembled recreates the Lemarchand Box from the horror movie, Hell Raiser. This leads me to Twist #3. 


Twist #3: After all twelve individual puzzles are assemble, the last challenge is to stack them in the correct order and aligned correctly in the horizontal plane.


Construction: The puzzle is crafted using 1/4" baltic birch plywood for a long-lasting, stable puzzle. Each wood blank is sanded smooth and spray painted gold. The images (24 of them) are attached to each blank face, front and back. The blanks are then stacked in the correct order and the final 4 images attached to the sides of the stack. Lastly the twelve puzzles are indivually hand-cut on a scrollsaw using a line-cutting technique.


The fully assembled puzzle measures about 3.25" square and is dictated by the actual thickness of the plywood. I'll see if I can produce better images for this puzzle.

 New Photo Frame Project.Should be made from at least 1/2" wood maybe cherry. Measures about 4"x10" but may reduce it some.