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Monogram Keepsake Box patterns - Approximately 5"x5", includes 2-pages of cutting and assembly instructions and a full-sized pattern. Pattern is suitable for either a Scrollsaw or Bandsaw. Box depth dependent upon saw availability. A scrollsaw can easily make a 2" deep box while a 14" bandsaw can make a 5" deep box.


Project uses simple cutting techniques to create a unique pesonalized gift that can be treasured for many years. The number of drawers in each box depends upon the monogrammed letter.Makes a great gift for any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, awards ceremonies, or a simple Thank-You. Heck! Makes a great gift at any time.

A word about the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format purchase option. This format can be edited using Inkscape, a free graphics editor. The keepsake patterns are designed using a minimal amount of vector nodes (points). Using the node editor tool found in Inkscape, you can grab a point and move it. The end effect is that the line the node is attached to can be moved, essentially shrinking or expanding a surface or changing the shape of a curve. So it's not difficult to modify a pattern to suit your preferences on how a resulting box will appear. 



Item # MKB-Pat-A


Item # MKB-Pat-B


Item # MKB-Pat-C


Item # MKB-Pat-D



Item # MKB-Pat-E

Item # MKB-Pat-F 

Item # MKB-Pat-G

 Item # MKB-Pat-H



Item # MKB-Pat-I

Item # MKB-Pat-J

Item # MKB-Pat-K

Item # MKB-Pat-L



Item # MKB-Pat-M


Item # MKB-Pat-N


Item # MKB-Pat-O

Item # MKB-Pat-P



  Item # MKB-Pat-Q


Item # MKB-Pat-R

Item # MKB-Pat-S

Item # MKB-Pat-T



Item # MKB-Pat-U


Item # MKB-Pat-V

Item # MKB-Pat-W

Item # MKB-Pat-X



Item # MKB-Pat-Y


Item # MKB-Pat-Z