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Heirloom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
All my puzzles are individually hand made using 1/4" Baltic Birch or Poplar plywood. The back of each puzzle is sanded smooth to remove splinters and create a safe puzzle. Any image can be transformed into a quality jigsaw puzzle. Family photos, kids drawings, Christmas  cards (see Snowman below), calendar art, cigar bands and labels, crate art, etc. Your imagination is the only limit!
Puzzles can be cut in as many pieces as desired (within certain limitations, of course). Keep in mind the age and dexterity of the user. Pricing is based upon the number of pieces: $.75/cut piece.

     Examples: 15 pieces=$11.25, 25=$18.75,40=$30, 60=$45
The shape of puzzle piece can be one of the following:Standard (straight edge or curved), Tricky (3 knobs and 1 straight edge), Line/color. The latter follows lines and colors to make irregular shaped pieces. Double sided (image on both sides) available upon request to make the puzzle more challenging to assemble.
The maximum photo size I can handle is 16”x16”. If a photo needs to be scanned into the computer, I charge and additional $5 for Scanning/Resizing/Adjusting of photo (optional). 
Here are some examples of puzzles I've cut. Photo puzzles can be custom ordered following the instructions here.
Children's Wooden Puzzlesare generally cut from 3/4" poplar or pine and (generally) are finished with a suitable stain and several coats of clear lacquer. Other woods can be used at the customer's request but may incur additional costs. Most puzzles can be assembled and left standing up (as opposed to lying flat). Children's puzzles are not cut to as tight a fit as my jigsaw puzzles so that little hands can more easily assemble them. Pricing of children's puzzles does not adhere to the above example.
I don't have a lot of children's puzzles already cut. I DO have access to many patterns. The ones that spell out a name are designed by Jim Sweet which he calls Woodimal's. If you have a specific request for a pattern not shown here, use the Contact Us form.

Here's a sample of a standard sized Christmas card that I scanned into the computer, enlarged to 8x10, printed and made into a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle has 80 pieces with each piece being about an inch square. The piece style is standard, straight edge.


This puzzle is so tight that it can be picked up by the corners and waved in the air without falling apart! Try that with a store-bought cardboard puzzle.

This 5"x7" photo puzzle uses a traditional cutting pattern resulting in about 56 pieces.

The 3" puzzle below started out as a cigar band. It was cut using line/color lines and I think resulting in about 25+ pieces. You may notice the top of the puzzle is missing! Small puzzles require some extra vigilance in keeping all the pieces together.
The 5"x7" puzzle below uses line/color lines for cutting. Also notice the irregular outer borders to make assembly more challenging.
The 5"x7" puzzle below uses line/color lines for cutting. Also notice the irregular outer borders to make assembly more challenging.