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Children's Wooden Puzzles
These are generally cut from 3/4" poplar or pine and (generally) are finished with a suitable stain and several coats of clear lacquer. Other woods can be used at the customer's request but may incur additional costs. Most puzzles can be assembled and left standing up (as opposed to lying flat). Children's puzzles are not cut to as tight a fit as my jigsaw puzzles so that little hands can more easily assemble them. 
I don't have a lot of children's puzzles already cut. I DO have access to many patterns. Those  that spell out a name are designed by Jim Sweet which he calls Woodimal's. If you have a specific request for a pattern not shown here, use the Contact Us form

4-piece Camel Puzzle

Size: 7"x5"

Cost: $10.00



9-piece Flamingo  Puzzle

Size: 7"x7"

Cost: : $15.00



12-piece Iguana  Puzzle

Size: 16"x5.5"

Cost: $35.00



9-piece Kangaroo Puzzle

Size: 7"x7"

Cost: $15.00


13-piece Mustang Puzzle

Size: 8"x9"

Cost: $25.00

9-piece Cats Puzzle

Size: 7"x7"

Cost: $ 20.00

11-piece Elephant Puzzle

Size: 10"x6"

Cost: $20.00